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As a response to the clean-air movement and the U.S. government’s denial of climate change, Peter Foldy, a Canadian singer, songwriter and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, wrote the pop song “Toxic World.”

This Passover, as every other, preparing desserts, especially interesting baked desserts, can be quite a challenge. Here’s Randy Fingrut to your rescue with these perfect dessert recipes for Passover.

As public and independent schools in British Columbia scramble to find a way to continue teaching in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Greater Vancouver’s five Jewish day schools are priding themselves on online classes that are already up, running and working out the kinks they experience along th…

“My Magen David is an extension of my past experiences, my ancestors’ past experiences, the Jewish experience, all which make me who I am today,” writes Clarrie Feinstein.

Today, a couple living apart but raising children jointly face new challenges as individual ideologies and philosophies are challenged, filling us with even more dread as we wonder, and worry about what is going on in the ‘other house.’

“Our hopes and yearning will be that this crisis will Pass Over, that we will all escape the tentacles of this dreaded virus, to a better day in which the interconnectedness that came so strongly to the fore during the pandemic will remain, and become even stronger as we face a future that, whatever…
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Despite the virus-related spike, JF&CS’s goal is “to keep our programs up and running. We recognize that for many vulnerable people in the community, we are their only safety net during this time. We recognize that abandoning them now when they need us more than ever would be unthinkable.”