Politicians unite to fight Quebec’s “crappy” secularism bill

An anti-Bill 21 coalition of West End elected municipal, provincial and federal officials became strained at its launch when one member compared the proposed secularism law to “ethnic cleansing.”
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Established in 1925, Camp Yungvelt, “Young World” in Yiddish, served as a summertime extension of the Toronto Workmen’s Circle’s curriculum promoting progressive secular Jewish education. Camp Yungvelt eventually established itself in Pickering, Ont., on a parcel of land donated by a group of its m…
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Boys at the OSE home, a French Jewish humanitarian organization, in Le Vesinet, France, 1948, including Jacques Kaszemacher. Later known as Jacques Kasma, he moved to Montreal to pursue a career in acting, editing and directing. Photo from the Montreal Holocaust Museum collection on cjhn.ca https://www.cjhn.ca/en/permalink/cjhn78442

One of the most haunting moments of the New York’s Folksbiene Off-Broadway production of Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish is the scene in which Jewish residents of the fictional eastern European town of Anatevka are given a few days to pack everything they own and are ordered to leave for an unknown d…

Developing and Nurturing Independence (DANI) – an organization that’s dedicated to helping people with disabilities find ways to contribute to society – recently opened its new greenhouse in Vaughn, Ont., where it grows and sells hydroponic microgreens

Two dozen Canadian leaders, including government officials, educators and senior law enforcement personnel took part in an intense and emotional 10-day journey to Germany, Poland and Israel last month, which was organized by the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies.
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Many Soviet Jews lost their connection to the religion, but the younger generation is changing that.